Steve Dockery (sdockery) wrote,
Steve Dockery

First Sea Day

Today was the first day of the cruise where we were out of sight of land all day. Sort of a preview of what every day will be like when we're doing our Atlantic crossing in a couple of weeks. It was very strange to stand on the topmost deck (the "Sun Deck") and look all around, seeing only deep blue water and unbroken horizon. I did see a ship way off on the horizon behind us, and noticed several tiny birds hanging out on the stern railings, hitching a ride.

Today's training session was cancelled, so I had the day to myself until it was time to play my gig. I slept in until 9am, ate cereal for breakfast (because breakfast is only served in the Staff Mess until 8:30), and hung out in my cabin for a couple more hours.

My show tonight went very well. It was warm out, and I had a couple more tables than previous nights, and some guests were repeat visitors, it was great that they came back to see me again. A couple of people wrote some song titles on the suggestion sheet in my song list book, so I have a few new things to learn to play. Every show I tend to tailor the show to what the people responded to - last night it was 80's songs, tonight it was The Beatles.

After my set, I watched Eric, the Cruise Director, doing his show in the Cabaret theater for a little while. He's quite a showman, and has a great voice. He's also 6'6" with spiky hair, so he's an impressive figure on stage.

Time for bed for me, I have to get up in the morning to meet with Israeli immigration people at 8am, along with all the other folks in the crew who are visiting Israel for the first time.

Tomorrow: Haifa, Israel
Tags: azamara, journey
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