Steve Dockery (sdockery) wrote,
Steve Dockery

Somewhere Beyond The Sea...

I got up early to catch the tail end of the sunrise and see Mykonos growing slowly larger ahead. I got my schedule the night before, and I had the day off! Well, except for lots of training. So, I actually just had the evening off. After training, I went down and got my ID Card so I could buy things on ship (like internet access) and be allowed off the ship - you have to punch in and out of the ship with your ID card.

In the afternoon, around 4pm, I got on the Tender to ferry me over to the island of Mykonos. It was a spectacular sunny day (although slightly cool) and the white buildings on the hills shone brightly. I had a walk around the town, looking in a few shops, and taking pictures. I bought a couple postcards at one souvenir shop, carefully avoiding some of the rather pornographic knicknacks (including the penis-shaped ashtrays). I saw several cats around the town, and they ended up in a few pictures (I'll post some more pictures to Facebook at some point, the Internet is slow and expensive right now, so I'm not sure when that'll happen).

As the sun started to go down, I had a dark chocolate gelato, and then headed back to the ship for dinner. After dinner, it was time to relax and finally log into the ship's afore-mentioned slow and expensive Internet for the first time.

Soon, I'll head up and check out my schedule for tomorrow and make a couple of calls via Skype. I already know I'm not leaving the ship, my group is assigned to be on call for emergency duty, so I'll miss out on Rhodes.

Starting to settle into this new life, but there's just so much to remember. So far, I'm very impressed with the Journey - she has a friendly, helpful crew, and the food in the Staff Mess has even been really good. I do wish I had a bigger cabin, but that's life as a cruise ship person, I'll deal.

Next: Rhodes
Tags: azamara, greece, journey, mykonos
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