December 10th, 2010


Sea Days

The first of our two sea days on the way to Miami was unremarkable. I was scheduled to play a set from noon-2pm on the Pool Deck, but the weather wasn't looking good, so we canned that, and I just played my usual 6-9:30pm show at the Windows Cafe. I spent the day working on backing tracks for some Beatles songs, for a show I'm planning (more on that later, as it takes shape). One special thing we did in the morning was the "waves" show we put on every cruise to introduce the crew and give the guests an opportunity to applaud our efforts. In the afternoon, I saw a landmass off the port side, and later determined it was the Dominican Republic.

Today, the weather was considerably better - I managed to play a two-hour set at the pool, and played most of it standing up, feeling a bit more energy as a result. It felt a lot more "rock and roll". Since it was too bright to see the computer screen, and (as usual) too windy for pages, I played the entire set from memory, and it was well-received. I did a two-hour set in the evening, without taking a break, since right about the time I was thinking about a break, people started coming in, so I kept playing. I finished a little after 8pm, and that was it for this cruise.

It's always a little hard to say goodbye after you've spent nearly two weeks with a bunch of people and have come to know them. I'll miss some of the new friends I made among the guests, but there are a couple who're going to keep in touch with me via email.

Tomorrow: Miami and a New Cruise