December 5th, 2010


St. Kitts and Antigua

For St. Kitts yesterday, I was on "port manning", meaning I had to stay on the ship, so I spent the day working on music stuff, including starting on building a backing track for "Walk Don't Run," so I could play a surf instrumental as part of my set. I programmed a drum part and a bass part, and recorded a rhythm guitar part to play over. I debuted it in my show in the evening (and played it twice) and it was a big hit, so I decided to add a few more. All day, we had a really big ship, the "Explorer Of The Seas" next to us, towering over us (see my Facebook photos).

This morning, we were in St. John's, Antigua, and there was the Explorer Of The Seas again! I got off the ship, and walked into the town center right at the dock - it was a bit shabby, and sported lots of duty free shops, pretty much all watches, jewelry and liquor, nothing I was really interested in. Ah, but there was something I was interested in: Free Internet. I stopped at a small bar/cafe called "Cheers" and logged onto their free internet, and bought one of their featured drinks - The Antiguan Smile. That's rum, coconut rum, pineapple juice and grenadine. Quite yummy. I used the internet until it stopped working (some guests that happened by that I'd met previously joked that I'd "used it up"), so we went across the street to The Beehive, and their internet worked, but was very slow. I eventually had my fill of it, and headed back to the ship, where I played my usual evening set at Windows Cafe, playing "Walk Don't Run" again, and again getting a great audience reaction. Just before I began my set, I got treated to the amazing sight of the massive Explorer, silhouetted against the sunset, and all lit up, backing out of its berth and turning around slowly and majestically. As I began playing, it sailed off, and we soon followed. On to our next destination!

Tomorrow: St. Bart