November 28th, 2010


Nassau, The Bahamas

After breakfast this morning, I was in my cabin getting myself ready for the day, and around 10am, I put the TV on so I could see out the bow cam, and there was the island stretched out in front of us. Land ho!

As soon as we got docked and we were allowed off the ship, off we went. We took off in a group, Jorge (bass), Carlos (trumpet), Alex (trombone) and me. First, we walked a bit, out to where the closest beach was, as that was what Alex was most interested in. The rest of us, however, were more interested in free WiFi. So we left Alex there, and headed for the Dunkin Donuts, where we got online and enjoyed our first taste of free, fast internet in weeks. After that, the three of us wandered around town together, and then I set off separately, to explore and take pictures.

One place I found and would have liked to have checked out was the Pirate Museum. However, it (like many businesses on the island, as I quickly discovered) was closed on Sunday. A lot of places were shuttered. However, there were still a few souvenir shops open (including the one at the Pirate Museum, but it closed at 1pm), so I picked up a few small trinkets for Nina.

Mostly, I walked all around the area, and got some good views of the Journey from across the harbor. I also found free internet right in the cruise terminal (wish I'd realized that right at the start), and managed to get most of the 29(!) iPhone applications updated that needed it. I also had my first and only Pepsi since I joined the Journey - I found a place in the terminal selling them.

I got back to the ship, and took some pictures from the stern deck at Windows Cafe as we sailed away, including a few of the massive Royal Caribbean Majesty Of The Sea, which was docked alongside us. If we're like a mobile apartment building, they're like a mobile city block. Apart from teeming throngs of people all over the place, I could see a climbing wall up top, and some people playing a game of basketball, and somewhere up there a live band was playing.

Later in the evening, as I played my last show of the cruise, I could see the lights of Nassau recede into the distance. Well, most of them. One cluster of lights seemed to last a little too long, and we eventually deduced it was the Majesty Of The Sea, sailing behind us. By the time my show was over at 9:30, she was close enough for us to make out her red and green lights. The bit in Princess Bride where the kidnappers' boat is being overtaken by the ship of the Dread Pirate Roberts sprang to my mind. "Inconceivable!", I sputtered.

I checked out the jazz show that featured Dan Daly and the Journey Orchestra (at one point the smoke machine got a little out of hand, and pretty much obliterated Dan and half the stage - he called out, mid-song "I'm still here, I swear!") and eventually made my way down to my cabin to write this and get to bed. Up early tomorrow for Miami, we have to be at the Looking Glass on Deck 10 at 7am to go through immigration checks.

Tomorrow: Miami