November 25th, 2010


What'll I Do

Another couple of sea days gone by, and it's been windy with choppy seas, as we edge ever closer to the "New World" on this Thanksgiving week. However, we're heading for The Bahamas, not to Plymouth, Massachusetts.

Today I was supposed to play a lunchtime set on the Pool Deck (which I had done the day before yesterday - it was great fun, even got some people up dancing), but it was so windy they had me play inside at Windows Cafe. It was a pretty small and sedate audience for lunch.

In my set, I played a song entitled "What'll I Do", written by Irving Berlin in either the late 20's or early 30's, and covered by many artists over the years - but as far as I can recall, the only place I've ever heard it was from my Dad. We used to play it together, him singing and playing the chords, me picking out the melody line. After I played the song (and had mentioned that I'd learned it from my dad), an elderly gentleman said he hadn't heard the song since his mother sang it to him, maybe 60 years ago, and he seemed grateful for the memory. That made my day.

As the day wore on, the seas got choppier (it even rained a bit while I played my lunchtime set), and by the time of my dinner set, I was feeling a little ill. Not tossing-my-cookies ill, but definitely not normal. There's been a lot of painting going on around the ship, and the paint fumes made me feel even worse. It was a difficult set to get through. I wasn't at my best for sure, but it was just 6-8pm, and afterwards I took some Dramamine and called home to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.

Then I wandered back up to the restaurant and had my turkey dinner, and sat and had a wonderful chat with the Scottish couple who had befriended me earlier in the cruise. Then, feeling woozy from the Dramamine, I headed back down to my cabin, and bed. I had taken two pills just in case, but they made me so woozy, I've vowed not to take two at once ever again unless I'm really expecting to get violently seasick.

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