November 22nd, 2010


Sea Day 2 - Atlantic Crossing

Today I had some more safety training (this time it was regarding fire fighting on board ship), and at noon, all the entertainment staff met up on the pool deck to sing a surprise "Happy Birthday" to the Captain.

As the day wore on, the sea got a bit rougher, and we were bouncing up and down quite a bit when it came time to go up to do my 6pm show. Looking out the port side windows in the aptly-named Windows Cafe, I could see a container ship far off against the horizon, at least a couple miles away (although I have no idea how to accurately judge distances out here), silhouetted against the sky. He was headed east, and we passed each other in several minutes. The horizon was clear in some places, and obscured by rainstorms in others. The scale of things out here is breathtaking - we're so far away from anything, it was pretty exciting to see another ship.

Dinner (and therefore, my show) was sparsely attended - perhaps people were hunkering down in their cabins due to the rough seas. At one point I remarked that playing under these conditions was like playing guitar while riding a horse, and perhaps I should learn some cowboy songs. I did have some appreciative guests by the end of the evening, and afterwards I put my stuff away and retreated to my cabin, where I took refuge in sleep, hoping for smoother seas in the morning.

Tomorrow: Another Sea Day