November 16th, 2010


The Bounding Main

Woke up this morning to some rough seas. It was definitely Dramamine time. In the Staff Mess at breakfast, waves were splashing up on the windows. I was told this is about as rough as it gets, unless we're in a really serious storm. Later in the day, I heard the piano on the Cabaret stage was sent crashing into one of the walls at some point.

After breakfast I went back to bed, then staggered up to Staff Mess for lunch, and then went back to bed again.

Thankfully, it had calmed down in time for my show at 6pm. I played until 9:30, and had a really nice conversation with a couple from Scotland.

After my show, I wandered over and listened to Dan Daly play some great old songs on piano, then headed back down to my cabin for the night. The ship is still pitching a lot as I write this, but nothing like it was this morning.

Tomorrow: Cartagena, Spain