November 11th, 2010


Sea day

Today was another sea day. I passed some of the afternoon putting together something I should have thought of doing previously:

You see, up on the outside deck at the Windows Cafe, it's quite dark when I play in the evenings. So dark, I can barely see my song list, and can't see my "cheat sheets" well enough to use them reliably, so I can only do songs I know absolutely by heart, which limits my repertoire somewhat. What I wanted and asked for (but it turns out they're in short supply) is a light to put on my music stand. It finally dawned on me that I could just put all the music pages in a PDF and view them on my Powerbook. Weird I never thought of that before - ordinarily, applying a computer to solve a problem is the first thing I think of.

For my 6-9:30 set tonight, I tried it out (with a limited number of songs, I didn't have the time to get them all in yet) and it worked wonderfully.

Afterwards, I caught part of a guest entertainer's act - she's a cabaret singer, and I saw her do a medley of Shirley Bassey songs (mostly Bond themes like "Goldfinger"), backed up by the Journey Orchestra. It was a very good show.

The sea was slightly choppy, but not too terrible, when I went to bed, after a fairly quiet day at sea.

Tomorrow: Another Sea Day