Steve Dockery (sdockery) wrote,
Steve Dockery

Crossing The Atlantic Again

Hi Folks -

It's been a long time since my last update. Since the last update in December, we swung around the Caribbean a bit more, spent Christmas and New Years on the ship, went through the Panama Canal, visited various ports in Mexico, went to San Diego a few times, came back through the canal, and did four loops through the Caribbean. On April 4 (my birthday), we ended up in Miami for the last time. My sweetie came all the way down to visit me for the day, and we walked on Miami Beach a bit, did a tiny bit of shopping, and just generally enjoyed a few hours together. Then it was time to say goodbye, and board the Journey for our Atlantic crossing.

At the time of this writing, we're halfway across the Atlantic ocean, a couple thousand miles from home. Maybe it's that sense of distance that's prompted me to post again. And maybe it's also the sense that this adventure is soon drawing to a close. Four weeks from today, on May 8, I say goodbye to the Journey and make my way home.

I'm very ready to be back - I miss home, friends and family a lot. Tomorrow is Nina's 8th birthday, and I'll be calling her on the ship-to-shore phone to listen to her open the present I ordered for her from Amazon. It's been hard being so far away from her - 6 months is a huge chunk of an 8 year old's life. I feel like I've missed so much. We're going to spend a LOT of time together this summer.

So far, the cruise has been pretty good. The audiences on the back deck at the Windows Cafe have been great - it's like I have my own fan club. I have several couples that regularly come in to listen, request songs, and sing along.

On the 14th, we arrive at last in Gibraltar. I'm already looking forward to landfall. We did 7 consecutive sea days on the way over to the US, we're doing 9 (!) consecutive sea days from Miami to Gibraltar. We're already three hours ahead of the time at home, we'll advance another three by the time we get to the other side.

It's 2am our time, I better get some sleep, I'm playing a two hour set at noon on the pool deck.

Tags: atlantic ocean, azamara, cruise, gibraltar, journey, miami, nina, via ljapp

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