Steve Dockery (sdockery) wrote,
Steve Dockery

St. Bart

I like calling it "St. Bart's" (Ay, Caramba!), which is how I've seen it written here and there, but officially, it's "St. Barth".

We were anchored at St. Barth for two days, but I stayed on board the first day, playing my usual show in the evening, and working on music stuff during the day. I wasn't too disappointed to stay on board, though, because the weather was a little iffy. It got pretty misty out for a while, but that turned out to be a good thing, because it set up the perfect conditions to make a spectacular rainbow. The sun was at our stern, and looking forward toward the island, there was an immense, extremely bright, double rainbow arcing over the bow of the ship. I've never seen anything like it.

On the second day, I was eager to get off the ship, but it was still drizzling out, so once I got ashore and walked around for a bit, I got tired of being damp and headed back. After eating lunch on the pool deck with some of the guests, I noticed it was brightening up, so I headed back over to the island. It turned into a pretty sunny afternoon, and I made my way over to Shell Beach, which turned out to be exactly what it sounds like - most of the beach was composed of small shells. Several of the crew were their, and had been swimming, but I wasn't really interested in going in the water - I just like the atmosphere. I picked up several pretty shells, and a few bits of coral, and walked up the beach a ways, enjoying watching and hearing the waves crashing against the rocks on the far end. I headed back for the ship as it started to turn to dusk.

Back on board, I went up to the Discovery Lounge to listen to Jackie, out harpist, play and sing. I'm usually playing at the same time, so I never get to see her perform, but tonight was my day off (my second since joining the ship - the first was on my second day!) I sat with some guests and listened, and they bought me a drink, and invited me to have dinner with them in the Discovery restaurant. We had a great conversation, and the food was excellent. It was nearly 10pm when we finally finished and went our separate ways. A pretty good day off, I'd say!

Tomorrow: Virgin Gorda
Tags: azamara, cruise, journey, st. barth, virgin islands

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