Steve Dockery (sdockery) wrote,
Steve Dockery

St. John

After two unremarkable sea days (things are starting to settle into a routine), we arrived this morning at St. John, US Virgin Islands. We dropped anchor offshore, and used tender boats to transfer people to the harbor at Cruz Bay.

One thing I was particularly excited about was that, it being a US Territory, I actually had AT&T wireless service. I even called AT&T and made sure it was as-normal, and wouldn't cost any extra. All day long, I was free to make calls, post stuff to Facebook, and use google maps. However, mysteriously, around 3:45 (right after I got back to the ship) it stopped working - AT&T just disappeared, and hadn't come back after over an hour, when I stopped trying and started to get ready for my evening show.

Soon after we started ferrying passengers over to the island, I got ready and jumped on board a tender boat. Over on the island, I browsed the stores, and then took a short hike on the Lind Point trail, through the woods at the Virgin Islands National Park. The part encompasses most of the island, actually. As I hiked I saw a little bit of the local fauna - a mongoose scurried across the path at one point, and I saw a lot of tiny lizards - but they were all too jumpy to get a picture of any of them. I hiked the trail over to Solomon Beach, a small, pretty beach around the bend from the harbor. From there, I could see the Journey out in the bay. It was very peaceful and serene - only a few people were there.

After walking around at the beach a bit, I hiked back to town and had a delicious pizza at the Sun Dog Cafe, as well as a Virgin Islands Root Beer. After that, I walked around town some more, had some ice cream, and headed back to the ship.

Tonight's show out back of the Windows Cafe started off with several tables of people already out there, and as usual, they didn't respond very much - they were too busy talking and eating, which is to be expected. However, as the evening went on, I got more and more reaction from the people - by the end, I had several tables of people actively listening and applauding and making requests. Easily the best crowd I've had yet since I signed on board. A really good capper to a really lovely day.

Tomorrow: St. Martin
Tags: azamara, cruise, cruz bay, journey, st. john, virgin islands

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