Steve Dockery (sdockery) wrote,
Steve Dockery

Rock The Boat

Yesterday I played on the pool deck at lunchtime, which went very well. It was a beautiful day out. When I was finished, one of the guests came up and gave me a sketch she'd done of me while I was performing, which was very sweet.

Last night's dinner in the cafe was very sparsely attended, there were very few people there, and fewer still actually listening, so it was a little depressing. I went down and dropped off my stuff in my cabin, and made my way back up for dinner, and ran into a few different people to talk to, which cheered me up considerably. Later, I went to the Crew Talent Show, where various crew members (not members of the entertainment staff) performed for the guests - including a wonderful classical piano performance by Jonas, our Safety Officer, and my friend James Connolly played piano and sang "A Day In The Life" by the Beatles, among other highlights.

Today, I was meant to play on the pool deck at lunchtime again, but when I went up to check out the situation, I found that everything was wet - it was drizzling out. So I had a hamburger at the Pool Grill, and set up to play inside the Windows Cafe. Naturally, as soon as I started playing, it cleared up and was beautiful outside.

This evening, they had a big outdoor event planned at the Pool, and were setting up for it already when I started my dinnertime set. They were serving food outside on the Pool Deck, and had set up tables out there, so almost nobody was coming in to the cafe. However, a few people had settled outside on the aft deck, so I moved my gear out there and finished up my set.

Afterwards, we assembled on the Pool Deck for "waves", which is an event on every cruise where the Captain introduces the crew to the guests, giving the guests an opportunity to show their appreciation. Afterwards, it was the "Rock The Boat" show, which was an hour and a half of the Journey Orchestra playing various pop and rock songs for a very enthusiastic crowd. I even ended up out there dancing, but no, I didn't join the conga line. Afterwards, a few of us retired to the Looking Glass lounge to hang out and chat, and ended up being out until almost 2am.

All in all, a very fun last sea day, and we're all going to be thrilled to make landfall tomorrow.

Tomorrow: Nassau, Bahamas
Tags: atlantic ocean, azamara, cruise, journey
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