Steve Dockery (sdockery) wrote,
Steve Dockery

Sea Day 1 - Atlantic Crossing

Today was our first full sea day of the crossing. This afternoon, I had safety training (the first of three days), including climbing up and getting into one of the lifeboats, which was actually pretty fun. More training tomorrow, regarding fire fighting. Fire is actually one of the biggest hazards on board a ship, so fire safety is of the utmost importance.

Before my show this evening, I did what has become something of a daily ritual for me: I go out the back doors of the Windows Cafe, lean on the railing and look out at whatever the current fantastic vista might be (today it was the sea stretching out in all directions, and some pretty impressive clouds), and say to myself, "You know what? This ain't such a bad gig." Makes up for whatever annoyances ship life may include (and believe me, there are many).

My show tonight was strange. There was a small and seemingly uninterested crowd (little or no applause between songs) but a few people came up to me between sets and afterwards, gushing about how great I was. So at least some people are enjoying the music, and they're enjoying it a lot, so that makes me happy.

After my set, I chatted with Dan Daly (the lounge pianist, taking a break because there was a big show going on in the Cabaret theater) and one of the ships' singers, Rachael, and then she and I sat and listened to Dan play for a bit, until I was too tired to hang out any more, and retreated to my cabin to write this, call Nina, and do a little email.

Tomorrow: Sea Day (again)
Tags: atlantic ocean, azamara, cruise, journey

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