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I got up this morning and went for breakfast, and as I was sitting down in the staff mess, I watched the Rock of Gibraltar passing by on the starboard side. Soon, we were docked, and I was down the gangplank by 9:30, and followed the pedestrian signs into the city center. One thing I noticed: Although this is technically the UK, the cars were driving on the right side.

I walked a bit through the city streets, which were largely deserted, since most of the shops had not yet opened. I got some money from the exchange office (pounds, since we're in the UK), and headed back toward the ship.

I stopped at a large supermarket (Morrison's) very near the port, and picked up some shampoo, some batteries (the ones in the tuner on my guitar already died, and I had replaced them with the spares I'd brought for my alarm clock), and some Crunchie bars - my favourite English candy bars. :)

I dropped those off back at the ship, and headed out for my adventure proper. Now the streets were full of shoppers, both tourists and locals, and I made my way to the cable car station. On the way, I encountered one of Gibraltar's famous Barbary Apes, which scampered away. I bought by ticket, and rode the cable car up to the top of the Rock.

As soon as I got out of the cable car, I encountered more apes, and one was kind enough to pose for a picture with the Journey far, far, away in the background. At the very top of the Rock, on the outlook facing Africa, I chatted with an English couple who turned out to be guests on the Journey. After a trip to the gift shop (I got Nina a souvenir stuffed monkey), I headed back down the cable car. I walked back to the first main square inside the city gates, and sat down for some lunch. Around me were a Subway restaurant, a Burger King and a Pizza Hut. But no, I didn't partake of those, I had some good old fashioned fish and chips.

Afterwards, I headed back to the ship, and spent the afternoon polishing up a couple more new songs. I played my usual evening show at Windows Cafe, and wound down afterwards listening to Dan play, with a great couple from Scotland that I had met previously, and who bought me a drink (mango-strawberry mojito, yum!)

Tomorrow: Sea Day on the way to the Canary Islands
Tags: apes, azamara, cruise, gibraltar, journey
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