Steve Dockery (sdockery) wrote,
Steve Dockery

Cartagena, Spain

Ok, I have a confession to make. I ate lunch at Burger King in Spain. Let me 'splain. Wait, there's too much - let me sum up: It was drizzling, I was hungry, and the Burger King was Right There.

The day began with getting up to fairly calm seas, and having breakfast as we came into the port of Cartagena, Spain. After docking, and many of the guests had left the ship, we had a boat drill, which included all of us in life jackets, and lifeboats being lowered into the water on one side of the ship (no, we didn't get to get in them and ride them down - this time). Afterwards, I made a quick phone call, and off I went to the shuttle bus that would take us into town from the wharf. I didn't realize until I got out there that it was sprinkling. Oh well, no time to go all the way back inside to get the umbrella. So off we went. By the time we got dropped off, it was drizzling. It was already lunchtime, and I wasn't crazy about wandering all around a strange city, cold, wet and hungry - and the Burger King was right there across from where we were. So I went there. The counter person spoke just a little english (just like home!) and I hablo un poquito de espanol, so I was able to order, pay and chow down on "American Food".

Afterwards, I set out and looked at some of the shops, and also went into the Roman Theater Museum, which was an antiquities museum that led into a tunnel that went under a church, showing you its underpinnings, having been built on top of Roman ruins, and finally opening up onto a big, partially restored Roman ampitheatre. It was big, impressive, and outdoors, so I was getting rained on some more.

After that, I was tired of being rained on, and headed back to the Journey. I worked up two new songs to play, one suggested by a guest last night at dinner ("Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying" by Gerry and the Pacemakers) and one I saw Dan Daly do last night after my show ("You Don't Know Me" by Eddy Arnold).

I played my show, which started off with a small and disinterested crowd, but eventually I ended up with a few tables of people who were actively listening and making suggestions, and I played my two new songs, and the evening ended up going very well. While I was playing, I could feel the sea growing gradually rougher, and as I'm sitting here in my cabin typing this, we're bounding up and down a lot (it's getting close to what it was like yesterday morning, I think it's dramamine time again). Just called my little girl to say hi, and now I'm off to bed.

Tomorrow: Gibraltar
Tags: azamara, burger king, cartagena, cruise, journey, spain
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