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This morning we arrived in the Italian port of Civitavecchia, and our passengers disembarked, along with some friends and co-workers (as I mentioned in yesterday's post). The crew busied themselves with preparing the ship for the new cruise, and "I-95" (the long, wide crew corridor) was soon filled with baggage and pallets of supplies.

I soon got to meet my new roommate, and the Journey's new trombonist, Alexander, from Moldova. We got on right away, and I gave him a quick rundown of everything I've learned about how things work on board in the 12 days I've been here. Which is helpful, but not comprehensive - still much to figure out.

I was assigned to play "embarkation" in the Mosaic Cafe from noon to 2pm, so the new passengers would have something to listen to if they wished, while waiting for their cabins to be ready. Mosaic Cafe is actually the top of an atrium, with the grand staircase (not Grand with a capital G, because we're not that large of a ship) leading from the front desk and shore excursions desks downstairs, up to the cafe and the Journey shops.

After my show, I ate lunch and relaxed a bit, and at 5pm we had our passenger boat drill, showing the guests where they will need to go in the event of an emergency. Afterwards, it was dinner time, as we had rehearsal at 7pm for the Welcome Show.

Just as on my first day on board, we did a welcome show for the passengers, showcasing all the different acts we have on board, including our new pianist/vocalist Dan Daly (who will be performing mostly in the Mosaic cafe), returning harpist Jackie Dolan, and a couple of guest performers, Hal Frazier (a great vocalist) and Susan (whose last name escapes me at the moment), a talented flutist who played an impressive "Flight Of The Bumblebee". Just as in the previous show, I did "Stand By Me," which came off very well. I watched the rest of the show until right at the very end, when I retreated to my cabin for the night.

Tomorrow: A sea day, on the way to Cartagena, Spain
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