Steve Dockery (sdockery) wrote,
Steve Dockery

Another Sea Day

I awoke this morning to slightly choppy seas, and the sensation that we weren't exactly upright. I walked up "I-95", the big crew corridor that runs along the length of the ship, and saw everyone walking slightly crooked. Sure enough, we were listing a couple of degrees, due to wind. When I got up to the Staff Mess for breakfast, I could finally see outside, and it was stormy - I saw flashes of lightning and white caps.

This morning at 9:45, we reported to the hallway outside the Cabaret Theater, so we could march in and stand up in front of the guests while the captain made a speech, essentially praising the crew of the ship, so the guests could show their appreciation with applause. We waved and bowed and made our way out of the theater, and off I went to sit down for coffee with some friends before getting ready for my lunchtime show.

Ah, yes, the lunchtime show - due to the weather, I was worried about this because I was scheduled to play outside on the stage by the pool from noon to 2pm. As it turned out, the weather cleared up, and ended up being sunny and beautiful, but breezy (and still a bit bumpy). I got rather chilly out there performing in 25 mph wind gusts, so I ran downstairs to my cabin to grab my jacket during my break. My new computer-based fake book was of no use to me - it was too bright out to see the screen, and it was too windy to use my book, so I had to play from memory.

This evening I played in my usual place out on the deck at Windows Cafe, and played to pretty much nobody, because it was a little bit cool out. I'll be playing inside the next couple of days, which I'm looking forward to.

I went up and caught part of the big broadway show tunes review they put on this evening. It was pretty impressive. We have some seriously talented people on this ship.

Well, it's off to bed with me.

Tomorrow: Sorrento, Italy
Tags: azamara, cruise, journey
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