Steve Dockery (sdockery) wrote,
Steve Dockery

Port Said

This morning we docked at Port Said, Egypt at 7am. I slept in until 9am, then went up for cereal in the staff mess (since hot breakfast was over at that point). After showering and getting dressed, I went up top to take some pictures of our surroundings. The port is not remote like Ashdod - the city is right outside. On the dock, directly across from the ship, street vendors had set up shop.

My chief accomplishment for the next couple of hours was getting a load of wash done. Fortunately, the crew laundry room is just downstairs from my cabin, so it was easy to come back and hang out once I managed to get my clothes into the washer or dryer.

After having some lunch, I went out onto the dock to look around and take a picture of the ship from the other side. I had to dodge a couple of aggressive vendors (I had been warned about that by other crew that had been here before), but I managed to have a short look-see and got back onto the ship.

With still a few hours to kill until my show, I watched the last of "The Return Of The King." As you can see, there's a lot of down time on a ship - it's good to have things to do to occupy your time. Back behind the crew mess, the Journey has a library of DVDs for rent (at the moment I'm still watching my own, but I'll run out eventually), and a library of books as well.

So many people were out on tours (and some of the tours got back very late due to traffic - so late we had to sail late), the Windows Cafe deck was pretty much empty for much of my show. I was scheduled for 6-9pm, but I played until 9:15 because I finally had a bit of an audience and wanted to give them a few more songs.

Afterwards, I caught part of the swing music show, and then hung out on the lifeboat deck for a while, waiting for us to cast off and set sail.

Later, at 11:30, there was a crew party in the Looking Glass. It was fun to get to unwind a bit with my crewmates. although the music was a bit too loud to have anything but shouting conversations. I left at 2:30 to fall into bed, and I was one of the first people to call it a night.

Tomorrow: Alexandria
Tags: azamara, cruise, egypt, journey, port said
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